July 16, 2022
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$500 Added Money

Why not make a weekend out of it!
Mona Mazza, Organizer
Founder/Director, Sacramento Backgammon Club
Organizer, Sacramento Backgammon Championship
Ken Bame, Advisor
Director, Silicon Valley OPEN

Our purpose is to provide backgammon players an opportunity to participate in a tournament that offers structured competition with the flexibility to register based upon prize money with three chances to earn cash prize in the Main Event, this means.............

  • No Hospitality Fee
  • No Registration Fee
  • No Membership Fee
  • No additional fees

This is a 1 day event so registrations will be limited, therefore minimizing the time commitment for the players.  Old Town Sacramento is rich in California history, it is a partner-family-friendly destination with many attractions.                                                   

100% of sponsorship donation goes directly back to the players

in the Added Money prize


In historic Old Town Sacramento, home of The Gold Rush
Hoppy’s Railyard Kitchen
A tournament organized By the Players for the Players
Our Sponsors
  Ted Chee, Organizer

Director, Backgammon By the Bay

Hoppy’s Backgammon Challenge was a huge success!

We appreciate all who came out participate

Go the Past Events tab for information on results, payouts and pics

Your Team
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Michy Kageyama, #2 Giant of Backgammon and author of the best backgammon books!
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AcePoint Backgammon
“We love backgammon, and we love running tournaments! Come join us!”

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